coming of age



When you turn 22 and still have no idea where you are or where you’re going.

Everyone around seems to be on track with succeeding in life, and you’re still living in your pyjamas most of the week, trying to work out what it is you actually want to do, and coming to terms with being an adult.

Turning 22 brings an invisible ‘time bomb’ with it. It’s expected by now that you should have a full time ‘proper’ job or at the least know what that ‘proper’ job is and be applying for it.

Becoming 22 has it’s benefits though. As much as there is a ‘time bomb’ ticking, you’re still 22, young, but old enough to have learnt from the numerous mistakes of when you were younger. However there are many more to learn!

Now 22, my plan is to ignore the bomb and live the life I want to live. The bomb may keep ticking, but hopefully I’ll have no regrets.



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